Friday, February 18, 2011

Introducing THE guide on Little 500...

As a returning member to Rider's Council for 2010-2011, I (Chelsea Merta) came into this season with a list of things that needed to improve before I graduated from the Little 500 community. One of my biggest priorities this year was finishing a huge project started by RC last year: a total team development packet intended to level the field for all the teams out there (not everyone can afford to hire a coach or buy $5,000+ bikes, right?) This comprehensive guide includes training plans and ideas, local routes with elevation charts, yearly resources available to the Little 500, IU, & Bloomington cycling communities, and nutrition tips, among many, many other beneficial pieces of information. There's even a section as the end that includes all the track, qualifications, and race day rules.

I picked the brains of some of the most talented cyclists, experienced coaches, and dedicated alumni and fans to compile the best information to share with the Little 5 and cycling world. Every Little 5'er out there, rookie or veteran, will benefit from reading this guide. It is by far one of the most valuable resources that RC and IUSF can offer to the Little 500 community, and we hope you take advantage of it!

This packet is free to all Little 500 teams and can be picked up at the Wilcox House starting next week.

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